• Dwinguler Sensory Playmat

  • Dwinguler’s Sensory Development Playmats have a very clear-cut objective: to aid all-round development in children. In a highly digitized and technology-driven world, children are increasingly exposed to a strong stimulus from electronic media and gadgets. These, though engrossing and interesting, offer very little scope for well-rounded development.

    Well-rounded development occurs when all the senses—visual, auditory, olfactory, taste and tactile—are effectively engaged. This is crucial for the development of IQ. Moreover, the time that parents spend interacting with children results in the development of EQ and also in sound social adjustment. Children who feel emotionally stable through strong interactions with their parents can develop a positive attitude, social skills, and expression. A flaw in parent-child relationship leads to poor development of EQ (emotional intelligence) insecure mother-child attachment, autistic tendencies, delayed language development, emotional self-regulation problems.

    Keeping all these factors in mind, Dwinguler developed a Sensory Playmat that is dedicated to healthy development in children. Since children are naturally curious and absorb everything they see, hear, touch and feel, Dwinguler created Sensory Playmats to help children learn through these senses. These mats cannot replace formal learning, but they go a long way in building imagination, creativity and in brain development through play.

    There are 4 types of sensory mats. The Musical Parade Sensory Playmat teaches through sound and is a great learning tool for children to learn the alphabets. It also helps develop their capability of understanding objects and words. The Embossed Sensory Playmat helps children learn through the sense of touch. The Aesop’s Fables Playmat engages children visually through the 3D AR app and the Aesop’s Fable Storybook. The Origami Sensory Playmat teaches through tactile as well as visual senses. This the one play mat where the children learn to apply their knowledge to create something.

    The Dwinguler Sensory Playmat is a product of the renowned LG Chem Group. Dwinguler is the number one selling play mat brand in Korea. It has been equally well received by parents all over the world and is now available in the Middle East too.

  • MusicParade_Front

    Music Parade Playmat

  • Dwinguler-Aesops-fables-front

    Aesop’s Fables Playmat

  • amazing-origami-front

    Amazing Origami Playmat

  • Dwinguler-sense-mat-front

    Sense Playmat