• Polka Dots Playmat

    With a funky and simple design that is modern and minimalistic, the “Polka Dots” Dwinguler Playmat is a fun playmat that will look great on any floor. With colourful polka dots set on a soft off-white background, this playmat will coax your child to love their playtime and to stay on the playmat for longer. It not only looks beautiful and practical but you can use both sides of the playmat as the child grows! Turn it over and you have contemporary styled alphabets along with friendly fairytale characters. This is really a great combination for those looking to keep things looking great in the living area.

    • Tested to US and European safety standards, Polka Dots Playmat is made with high quality non-toxic materials.
    • The waterproof surface means food, drink, dribble, vomit and wees from baby and kids are no problem. Simply wipe up with a soft cloth or paper towel, it makes life far more practical with kids.
    • Polka Dots Playmat is soft, elastic, and slip resistant.
    • The playmat cushion absorbs noise from footsteps and thermal insulation helps prevent discomfort of walking on a cold floor.
    • With special embossed patterns and reversible sides, Polka Dots playmat gives educational content on both sides for continued sensory development.
    • MSRP
    • Product Dimensions (IN)
      90.5 x 55.1 x 0.6
    • Product Size
    • Package Dimensions (IN)
      56.3 x 9.8 x 9.8
    • Shipping Weight (LB)
    • Age Rating
      0 - 7 age
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