• Dwinguler Classic Playmats

    Dwinguler play mats score well on two points that are of paramount importance to all parents —safety and child development. Dwinguler play mats are free from harmful heavy metal substances, toxic substances and endocrine disruptors such as phthalates.

    The mats are approved by SGS, comply with the requirements of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) in the USA, safe standards in Europe (EN-71 passed), as well as the GCC Technical Regulations (Gulf Conformity Mark).

    Additionally, the Dwinguler play mats are durable and have a non-slip surface. Composed of multiple foam layers, the mats provide excellent cushioning against minor falls and tumbles. They are gentle and safe, both for children as well as the environment.

    The play mats are educational too. The double-sided mats use bright colours and eye-catching graphics as part their designs. Various themes are used to teach and educate children about the world around them through visual learning. They make great pre-school learning aids as they teach alphabets, numerals, planets, animals, objects and other concepts through word-picture associations. All this aids sensory development in children well before they start school.

    Dwinguler play mats can be used in living room, playroom, bedroom/nursery in homes, nurseries and crèches in educational institutions, in gyms and in children’s play areas in malls, hospitals, stores and offices.

  • hello-europe-front

    Hello Europe Playmat

  • Dwinguler Sweety Home Playmat

    Sweety Home Playmat

  • Dwinguler Oh My Princess Playmat

    Oh My Princess Playmat

  • Dwinguler Red Cape and Friends Playmat

    Red Cape and Friends Playmat

  • big-town-front

    Big Town Playmat

  • dino-land-front_hd

    Dinoland Playmat

  • zoo_front-hd

    Zoo Playmat

  • MyTown_Front

    My Town Playmat

  • safari-front

    Safari Playmat

  • Dwinguler-fairy-tale-land-front

    Fairy Tale Land Playmat

  • sunshine-day

    Sunshine Day Playmat

  • PolkaDot_Front

    Polka Dots Playmat

  • starplayer-front

    Star Player Playmat

  • 02-dwinguler-playmat-flower-01

    Flower Garden Playmat

  • animal-orchestra

    Animal Orchestra Playmat

  • GardenGreen_Front

    Garden Delight Green Playmat