• Baby Care Playmats

  • Safety of babies and children is the most important consideration behind Baby Care Playmats. Every stage of a child’s growth from an infant to 7 years of age involves physical activities. Crawling, learning to take the first steps, walking, running, tumbling and playing are all a natural part of a child’s growth. Parents like to see their child display these important indicators of growth and development but are also concerned about the scrapes, falls and tumbles that go hand-in-hand. Though they cannot be eliminated, Baby Care Playmats aim to reduce their physical effect on the child. The superior cushioning of the mats ensures a soft landing for kids as they roll, tumble, learn to walk and fall. The mats provide insulation against all sorts of floor surfaces, especially against hard and cold floors. The noise-reducing quality of the mats helps create a calm and peaceful environment.

    Apart from the safety offered by superior cushioning, the mats are also hygienic and non-toxic. No toxic and harmful chemicals have been used in the manufacturing of these mats and they are tested to European Toy Standards EN71 and Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124.1&3.

    The mats have stimulating and vibrant colours and use funny and interesting graphics. Dual-sided, these mats have educational elements such as alphabets, numerals, words and more that teach children visually and promote sensory development.

    The mats are for children of all age groups—right from infants to 7-year olds. They can be used anywhere in the house and can even be carried to outdoor areas where children will play. The mats are easy to clean, requiring just a wipe with a soft damp cloth when food and drinks are spilled on them.


  • BusyFarm_Front

    Busy Farm Playmat

  • happy-village-front

    Happy Village Playmat

  • Baby Care Playmat Dino Sports

    Dino Sports Playmat

  • birds_in_the_trees_playmat

    Birds in the Trees Playmat

  • ^6CF6C2368FBD3046746BF4DEBD2D9BA16CCC2D913F5F33AEB4^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr

    Pingko & Friends Playmat

  • babymat-camping-f

    Let’s Go Camping Playmat

  • babymat-toto-f

    Space Rabbit Toto Playmat

  • babymat-robotcity-f

    Robot City Playmat

  • babymat-sportyaniamls-f

    The Sporty Animals Playmat

  • babymat-dorothy-f

    Dorothy’s House Playmat

  • babymat-fruitfarm-f

    Fruit Farm Playmat

  • babymat-geniusbear-f

    Genius Bear Playmat