• Music Parade Playmat Talking Pen

    The Dwinguler Music Parade Sound Playmat is an eco-friendly, fun, and interactive play mat designed to help growing babies and toddlers learn in a safe, comfortable way. Toddlers can use the interactive Talking Pen to touch the letters, numbers, animals and other objects. The pen talks to your child explaining objects, singing songs, providing hours of educational interaction.

    The Talking Pen is comfortable for small hands, features a volume control and both English and Mandarin language options. Both the Pen and Dwinguler Music Parade Playmats are made entirely of non-toxic materials, making them safe for children of all ages.

    Here are some of the things you can do with the Talking Pen.

    • Music: The Talking Pen can be used to play 5 classic musical instruments that play up to 10 minutes. In addition, it can be used to play the keyboard on the mat that has two octaves.
    • Animal Sounds: When the pen is placed on various animal graphics on the mat, it emits the sounds that the animal would make such as meowing for cats, barking for dogs and etc. This helps children recognize animal sounds.
    • Songs: The Talking Pen plays ABC song, and songs composed for each animal character theme. Children will be happy to play songs themselves by using the pen.
    • Education: The Talking Pen sounds out alphabets and numbers from 0-10, helping children learn as they play. Kids will also learn behavioral expressions.

    Instructions on usage and care have been provided with the Music Parade Playmat and are recommended to give your child the best experience while using the Talking Pen.

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