• Posh Baby and Kids

    Posh Baby and Kids is a well-established company in Burnaby, BC with years of experience in the baby supply industry. Specialized in high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly products, we are proud to offer the product ranges Dwinguler and Baby Care in Canada.

    • Posh Baby and Kids is the exclusive distributor in Canada of two leading brands - Dwinguler and Baby Care Playmats
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    • Non-Toxic

      Made from environmentally friendly materials, the Dwinguler Gaming Mat has been approved by SGS, which claims that eight heavy metals and toxic formaldehyde are not detected.

    • Protection

      With a non-slip surface, the multiple layers of foam from Dwinguler Playmat provide excellent cushioning for falls and minor falls.

    • Entertaining

      With a variety of well-designed patterns and images, the Dwinguler play mat captures and attracts a child’s curiosity.

    • Environmental friendly

      A hygienic and nontoxic padded surface for babies and children, from birth to school.

    • Educative

      Vibrant colors and characters and educational elements, including letters and words

    • Polyvalent

      Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms or any place where children play.

  • Benefits of Play Mats

    • Stage 1

      Birth at 9 months
      Provides a soft surface for babies to lie on their backs or stomach.

    • Stage 2

      9 months to 2 years
      Provides a stable but padded surface for baby’s first steps.

    • Stage 3

      2 to 4 years
      Provides a comfortable, safe and attractive environment for active play and learning.

    • Stade 4

      4 to 7 years old and over
      Ensures the prevention of slips and the absorption of noise for all activities.